Some Myths About the Straight Stroke Putter

Something that has always been a topic of debate in golf is if the straight stroke putter is supposed to swing on an arc or on a straight line. The other most common discussion is not only finding out which path is better but also the simplest as well as the most consistent way to copy. If the putter is swung on an arc, then there are chances of coming across a tough stroke to copy and a stroke that depends much on timing. It may look quite logical that the best and easiest way to swing the putter is to keep the face from diverging from that of the straight line for the putter to swing on. Therefore, a remedy that is opted by many is swinging the putter back and throughout in a very straightforward manner, and at the same time locking the wrists along with rocking the shoulders. But, for everybody who has been a part of this game since a long time is well aware of what not the case is.

If you imagine of a pendulum swinging back and forth without facing any obstacle, you will slowly start visualizing the pendulum swinging from more of degree angle of ninety or something which is in a perpendicular position to the ground. Taking just an instance, when a grandfather clock swings from an upright position in most of the cases, the pendulum “bob” will swing straight back and through without coming across any kind of manipulation or even adjustments. This is the reason, these are used as an element of timekeeping.

But, a putter usually does not lie in a perpendicular position to the ground. Most of the standard that lies for putters usually range from 70-72 degrees. If the putters differ from the standard to the more upright, they will still not be close to ninety degrees. Thus, if the putter is swung on an arc which is not equal to the lie, on which the putters sits on, it would be a modification to the swinging motion which is natural, for which the putter has been designed. The “straight back and straight through” is an outside way which has a closed putter face that swings on the ball with an open face of putter. You will get to understand which is the best putter by having a toe passing the heel release, but of course not the other way round.

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