The golf putter is probably the most
important club in a golfer’s bag. This is due to the fact that a good amount of
shots that golfers make are made with a putter. Sadly, many golfers tend to
ignore the importance of the putter and concentrate mostly on their woods and
irons. The result of this failure to give importance to the golf putter can
cause a lot of trouble for golfers because the green is where they spend the
most time on.

Hence, it is important that the
golfer choose the right putter. And this means not settling for a generic or
off-the-shelf golf putter. The key, like with any other clubs, is to get a
putter that fits one’s putting style. There is no question that golfers have
their own putting styles and rituals. As such, a generic putter will not work
as well as one that has been customized to fit the putting style of the golfer.

The following are some of the
elements to consider when choosing a golf putter:

* Weight – The weight of the
putter’s head plays an essential role in putting. The peripheral weighted
blade, the largest of the three putter heads, makes hitting the ball very easy.
The blade putter, on the other hand, gives the golfer more control as its
weight is concentrated in the lowest part of the blade. Lastly, the mallet is
best suited for beginners because of its ability to make the ball move easily.

* Length – People of average height
will do just fine with a generic putter. However, tall golfers will need a
customized one, specifically a longer putter. This will prevent hunching when
putting. On the other hand, if a golfer is having trouble controlling the
putter with the wrist, a belly putter would be the best fit.

* Loft – The degree of loft controls
the bounce of the ball as the golfer makes the putt. The way the player holds
the golf putter would determine the right angle of loft. This can be adjusted
to suit the golfer’s putting style.

These are merely general factors
that should be considered when planning to buy a putter. In the end, the most
important thing is still how a putter feels in the hands of the golfer. If the
golfer feels that he or she can work just fine with an off-the-shelf golf
putter, then by all means customizing the club is not necessary.

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