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Golf Courses For Any Skill Level

Golf has been a popular game that’s been cherished by both sexes for centuries. Although the bona fide origin of playing golf is up for debate, it’s most often accepted that the first golfing rounds were initially located in Scotland. With its increasing popularity, selecting a golf course is truly a bit frustrating. Follow this […]

Golf Wedges-You Need A Little Wedge Or Two

What wedges do you have in your bag? For years the only wedge the golfer whether professional or amateur had in their bag was the ever present sand wedge. This wedge was used for playing out of the bunkers and ignored for the rest of the game. Well, the wedge is becoming the most important […]


The golf putter is probably the most important club in a golfer’s bag. This is due to the fact that a good amount of shots that golfers make are made with a putter. Sadly, many golfers tend to ignore the importance of the putter and concentrate mostly on their woods and irons. The result of […]

Improving Your Golf Game By Following These Great Tips

It is a common courtesy among many golfers to play at popular golf locations at least one to enjoy a good game. There are popular golf courses all over in just about every location across the country. The country is full of many top international golf course and also serves exhibition games for interested golf […]

Golf Club Protection

Proper maintenance of sports accessories is a key part of the preparation of a player. Dedicated players show commitment to look after their sporting gear too. This is particularly relevant in golf. The golf sporting gear like golf clubs, balls, and golf mats are very expensive. So properly maintaining and protecting the accessories will prolong […]

Some Myths About the Straight Stroke Putter

Something that has always been a topic of debate in golf is if the straight stroke putter is supposed to swing on an arc or on a straight line. The other most common discussion is not only finding out which path is better but also the simplest as well as the most consistent way to […]

Information About Golf Wedges

Most beginners don’t know what the wedge does and it’s importance. Wedges are usually made of iron and are intended for the accuracy of shorter shots. It’s usually labeled as the “scoring clubs”. There are 3 different types of wedges in golf such as gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge. As beginners, you do […]

Golf Tips That Works for Everyone

Golf is fun, but it should not be taken lightly. It takes great skill and technique to master the game. Though golf does require skill and technique, it is still meant to be enjoyed, and the experience should be relaxing. There are many golf tips, but not all the golf tips work all golfers the […]

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